Females, Weed, and Intercourse: what you ought to Know

Females, Weed, and Intercourse: what you ought to Know

A brand new explanation to move by the neighbor hood dispensary? Analysis suggesting that cannabis may increase ladies’ experience with the bed room.

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Amanda, A boston-based medical practioner, happens to be trying out cannabis on / off for six years. She actually isn’t wanting to get stoned; rather, she’s been with the medication to simply help her sleep and eat better, but through the years she’s noticed one side effect that is interesting.

If I smoke or if I take an edible,” Amanda says“ I am definitely hornier. “It actually makes my sex drive better.”

This week on my podcast, “Empowered Health with Emily Kumler,” we explore how women experience this drug differently than men, as well as a lesser-known use of cannabis: as a female aphrodisiac as newly legal recreational pot shops continue to pop up across Massachusetts. […]