New series discover me personally a Maori Bride starts doors to culture

New series discover me personally a Maori Bride starts doors to culture

You can find three types of individuals in brand New Zealand: those people who are comfortable for a marae, anyone who has never ever been, and people who will be pretty familiar with being told off there.

They are the people whom slow their walking pace they don’t know and laugh when everyone else laughs despite not having understood a word of te reo so they have someone to follow, mouth the words to songs.

It really is often a person who’s been made to be here – an educational school journey, a work journey, a household gathering, or – god forbid – a tangi.

They are the people getting told down for playing on their phones while folks are talking, or checking their work email messages during meal time.

They’re I am found by the ones a Maori Bride is good for.

They may be additionally the people it had been produced by.

Maori television’s brand new comedy-drama follows present day Maori guys while they learn the the inner workings of the tradition in a bid to locate a Maori bride and claim a hefty inheritance – a hardcore task considering they hardly think about on their own as Maori.

Tama (Cohen Holloway) is really a realtor, enthusiastic about money and George (Matariki Whatarau) can be an accountant.

Neither know the tradition, language, protocols or experiences to be Maori nonetheless they get yourself a hilarious crash program. […]